Charting a return to

Greater Independence


Accident, Surgery or Illness

Shopping with friends, spending quality time with family, cooking and doing laundry — each can be compromised following accident, surgery or illness.


Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies are offered to return residents to their highest level of independence.
My wife and I benefitted from the sound care provided by the physical therapy staff at Potomac Valley. Their style was to encourage patients to do their best while recognizing the reality that all patients are different and need distinct treatment and adjusting each person’s program accordingly. The staff really cares and is devoted to excellence and the maximum recovery possible of all in their care.
Kenneth R.

Target Skills

We target the skills each person needs to enhance personal autonomy and self care. Being able to walk confidently, maintain balance, dress, speak clearly, enjoy food and even cook for one’s self are important aspects of life quality.

Chart Progress

We chart progress toward a smooth transition from our center, utilizing a ‘strength and confidence’ focus on the things that impact someone’s sense of worth and well-being. It also provides an ongoing resource for discussions between family and staff.

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